A letter from Art Alvut...

ROC E6 is an inner-city summer lacrosse camp that intends to get a message of peace and hope to students that may never hear that someone cares about them.  ROC E6 is a crusade to capture as many kids as possible and channel them into sports that do not have a small roster and are an alternative sport to what they are currently exposed too.  Not only do kids receive coaching in the lacrosse, they receive instruction in Math, Reading, and Writing daily.  This component lets the athletes know that we intend for them to have a future in sports and in education beyond high school. 

 Our first year was very successful and we had 76 kids pick up a lacrosse stick.  We need to get them more playing time.  ROC E6 has a message for young athletes but we have to be able to reach them.   We have to provide playing time be properly funded and equipped in order for us to provided services to the students we are attempting to reach. 

 We need your help with playing time, funding and equipment.  We are looking for youth programs that will provide scholarships for the ROC E6 athletes to their spring team.  If your youth program can adopt a ROC E6 player please contact

Art Alvut



 We are looking for openings in 3rd/4th, 5th/6th grade girls and boys.  We will make sure that the parents are committed to bringing the player to and from practices and games.  For our summer camp we are in need of sticks, arm pads and gloves.  Lastly any financial donations would also be welcome.  Please contact me if you can help.

Thank you,

Art Alvut

President ROC E6, Inc.