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Rochester Area Lacrosse League VISION and MISSION

We envision a future which offers people everywhere the opportunity to discover, learn, participate in, enjoy, and ultimately embrace the shared passion of the lacrosse experience.

The mission of the Rochester Area Lacrosse League is to promote the sport of lacrosse for the youth of the Rochester area in order to develop their playing skills, to teach and encourage good sportsmanship and to foster healthy competition.

RALL:  Rochester Area Lacrosse League represents towns across the Rochester and surrounding area for the Spring lacrosse season.   RALL collects data from the Town/Club leaders with coach's contact information and grade levels in order to schedule the spring lacrosse games May through June and make
available contact information for Town Coordinators and Coaches for additional scheduling and support purposes.

Additionally, RALL will post directions to fields, camps, tournaments, referee contact information, and links to lax related sites.

RALL meets once per year in February with the Town Coordinators.  Registrations for towns/teams are due approximately March 15 and the season’s schedules are complete by approximately April 15th for any season.

The RALL board consists of any Town Coordinators that wish to participate in accomplishing these events.

RALL encourages town teams for the spring season to divide their teams EQUALLY by playing skill when there is more than one team in a town at any grade level.  During the RALL season, coaches are encouraged to focus on FUN and the development of all players.  "Select" teams can then formed after the RALL season and coaches play in tournaments or use the RALL contact information to schedule additional "select" games. 

NOTE:  The RALL board is NOT a governing body, except for scheduling.  RALL rules are established at the annual meeting and enforced only by individual programs.  There is no escalation process, only implications for the next season's scheduling.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT CLUB TEAMS: RALL will not schedule "Select" or Club teams.

Amended Jan 31, 2017
Club teams that are selective, exclusive or that recruit players are not scheduled in the RALL league. RALL is a development league that stresses balanced teams and inclusivity. However teams not associated with a town program or multiple programs from a town can be scheduled under the following restrictions:
1) The program must have a website
2) On the website it cannot mention the words “Club”, “tryout”, “selection”, “placement” or words to that effect to indicate that teams will be selective about who can play and who cannot
3) On the website the team or program needs to include a mission statement that includes words to the effect of “all are welcome” or “no experience necessary”

New teams to RALL will be subject to review by the RALL Board prior to scheduling.


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